Offline media designs have mass appeal, build curiosity, and begin conversations about products and services.

From billboards to digital signage and calling card to Brochure/Catalogue outdoor media helps brands connect with audiences. Flyers also can be a handy source while promoting business offline.

Offline media can create many impressions on a day to day and influence buying decisions on the spur of the instant. They’ll reinforce marketing messages delivered by digital media and provides users a tangible experience. Interactive digital kiosks and enormous billboards represent the 2 ends of a huge array of offline media designs that will be adapted to suit the precise needs of marketers and businesses.

Create an impact

Offline media are a proven and inexpensive marketing channel that can be used to construct public alertness and increase the pace at events, product launch, and business establishment.

Boosts Business Reach

Offline media increases the rate of publicity to marketing post, boosting sales and profits.

Boost Conversions

Out-of-home media are a preferred solution when it comes to spreading the word about new products and services. Brands can deliver targeted marketing messages through the outdoor channel and drive early conversions.

Increased visibility

From consumer supplies to entertainment, outside media drive consumer views and help brands earn a top-of-mind recall. This helps brands increase pre-sales engagement and qualify leads.


Work Number Of Page Price Per Page Price
Logo (2 samples) 2000/-
Visiting Card 1000
Broucher 2000 1 broucher
Banners(Poster) 1500
Facebook Poster/Banner 1500
Letter head 800
Envelop Design 800
Company Profile For 5 Pages 3000
Product Catalogue For 5 Pages 2000
Resturant Menu For 5 Pages 2500
Invitation Card 1000
Website Banner/Slider 500 Per Slide